My views on the words we use to describe our grazing rituals are eating habits, dieting, meal plan, way of life, eating disorder and nowadays Banting…

Correct eating should not be an option in our daily lives. It is a necessity to ensure that we stay healthy human beings and that we can fulfill our various roles in life, be that to go work or to play and thus live to a ripe old age and remain functional, healthy individuals.

Unhealthy eating has come about by allowing fast food establishments and convenient stores to dictate to us what we should be eating and how to become lazy individuals.  Big long words that one can hardly pronounce or ever find out what it means have become the basis of what we put in our mouths.  And we do this with the utmost consent because we even pay good money for the poor quality of nutrition that we consume, three or more times a day. Sadly we refer to this then as our eating habits, as if we have no option, to good quality foods.

Eating good, clean, healthy food should always be our first option. Our conversation about food should be positive and educational.  As adults we need to be mindful of what we teach our children, our siblings or minor family members when we consume food. What we eat and how we eat, should be a lead by example mirror and hopefully in this way we can ensure that our future parents will be well equipped for their task, forward.

The process of dieting is a short term punishment to try and correct a long term eating disorder.  Why? We are looking for a quick fix. Truth be told there is no quick fix, that is why there is so many dieting options available.

To rectify a problem one needs to rectify the behavior. A behavior cannot be used or implemented when one is in the mood for it.  A behavior is who you are, it is how you do things and sadly at time, how you expect the rest of the world to do things.

Eating food should not be a habit. Eating food should not lead to a disorder. Eating food should not be about feeding our minds or our moods. Eating food should not make you emotional or make you feel guilty. Eating food should not be about a plan that you have or want to achieve.

Eating food should be about an attitude of survival, nourishment and nutrition for your body.  Eating food should be a pleasure and contribute to our enjoyment. Eating food should be a positive exercise in our lives.

We should eat to live and not live to eat!!!

I would love to hear from you….


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