The perfect garden is the one that has a delight around every corner!!!

What to do in the garden for July.

  • Winter is the time to plant lavender. Types of lavender;

Lavandula angustifolia; This is a compact and bushy plant with small, grey-green leaves and long flower spikes in deep purple.

Lavandula dentate (toothed lavender); The spreading bushy shrub produces fragrant, purple-blue flowers, with scalloped foliage that is either dark green or grey, depending on the variety.

Lavandula x intermedia (English lavender); English lavender has tall flowers spikes covered in small mauve flowers, a vigorous hybrid with a spreading growth habit and aromatic grey-green leaves.

Lavandula stoechas (French lavender); Numerous hybrids of this compact bushy shrub with slender green leaves are available.  They feature short spikes of purple or pink flowers topped with two colourful bracts looking like rabbit ears.

  • Lilies for Africa

The bulbs of all kinds of lilium hybrids are on sale now and should be planted immediately after purchase. Plant them in bold clumps between winter annuals or small shrubs and groundcovers to keep their ‘feet’ in the shade while allowing their ‘heads’ to grow into the full sun.

  • Flowers in the house

It is cold outside, so brighten indoor spaces with vibrant, colourful indoor plants. Winter-flowering houseplants include cyclamens, gerberas (Barberton daisies), calandivas and pretty azaleas add an instant, warmer and welcoming touch to living areas, they also an excellent, long-lasting and value-for-money alternative to cut flowers.

  • Go green indoors

It is said that ferns of all kinds clean the air, and being surrounded by them leaves you with a sense of calm and well-being so fill your house and patio with lacy ferns and display them in bright light away from cold drafts. Keep their roots just moist, and feed regularly with a water-soluble fertilizer.

  • Aloe time

These produce wonderful winter colour and fit into even the smallest garden.

  • Colourful fillers

Every garden has ‘gaps’ – patches of bare soil between plants that can be filled in with pretty little winter-hardy plants like candytuft (Iberis sempervirens) and wild carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus).

  • Plant those pretty flowers

Winter and spring-flowering annuals like pansies, violas, and calendulas is the perfect plants for planting to ensure sweet-smelling stocks for the vase.

Winter is the time when temperatures are at their lowest and gardening usually takes a plunge.  This does not need to be the case as there are plenty of things to do in the cooler months to make gardening, a year round project. Prolong your growing season in the vegetable garden by considering planting frost resistance crops such as cabbage, spinach, beetroot and broccoli. For those crops that are sensitive to frost protect them with a frost cover.

Ensure that your garden stays weed free as this might attract some pests and become a breeding ground for diseases.  Weeds, left unattended can also outgrow your valuable plants.

Avoid watering established gardens in winter unless there is a sign of wilting.  Lawns should also not be watered and allowed to turn brown.  When you have to water, stick to the watering time guidelines in your municipality. Implementing these water wise tips in your garden over winter will ensure all-year-round beauty of the garden.

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